Begonia Angel Wings, Lois Burke
House Plants

Begonia Angel Wings

Scientific name: Begonia

Common names: Angel Wings, Dragon Wings

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Height: 0.5 to 5′

Spread: 0.5 to 1.5″

Zones: 10 through 11


Plant Care

Sun: Part shade to part sun

Water: Moderately watered, keep moist, but well drained

Soil: Needs good drainage in containers

Frost Tolerant: No

Drought Tolerant: No



Method: Cuttage

Take a 3-4″ stem cutting with 2 sets of leaves and place in soil. For best results, use heating mat and high moisture.​2​


Toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.​3​

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