Pilea peperomioides in a pot
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Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant)

Scientific name: Pilea Peperomioides

Common names: Chinese Money Plant, Missionary Plant

Family: Urticaceae

Genus: Pilea

Origin: China

Height: .05′ to 2′

Spread: .5′ to 1″

Sources ​1,2​

pilea peperomioides origin map

Plant Care

Sun: Sun to partial shade. Will easily lean towards light.

Water: Moderately watered.

Soil: Needs good drainage in containers, sandy to loam.

Frost Tolerant: No

Drought Tolerant: No



Method: Division, Cuttage

Separate and divide healthy plantlets, or take stem cuttings and place in soil.​1​ For best results, use heating mat.


Not toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.​3​

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